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Get to Know Texas Dental Care Management

Texas Dental Care Management is a Dental Service Organization for dental practices in the Dallas – Fort Worth. TDCM contracts with dental practices to provide critical business management and support including non-clinical operations.

TDCM will allow the dentists at your practice to maximize your space with the support of office management by trained professionals who have dedicated their careers to those fields. Our DSO model enables dentists to focus on the patient while delivering great dental care which is their career focus.

team of dental professionals smiles

Let Texas Dental Care Management Help Your Practice Succeed Better

We at TDCM want your private dental practice to flourish in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and want to help you give the best dental care possible to your community. Our team offers services such as:

These types of services will allow you to do what you love and focus on performing dental services for all members of your community. Getting bogged down by having to worry about computer services, recruitment, marketing and billing can cause most to close up their shop early before they really have a chance to show their community how much they care and how they can seriously help. We appreciate your passion and what to help support it today. Give us a call and see how we can assist in lightening your load today at your office.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Maheeb Jaouni

Office Direct: 972-496-0164

Jere Verner

Human Resources & Accounting
Office Direct: 469-209-6982 x3

Beckie Oliver

Billing Manager
Office: 469-209-6982 x1, option 1

Sabrina Elizardo

Billing Assistant
Office: 469-209-6982 x1, option 2

Charlotte Hopper

Texas Dental Study Club
Office: 469-209-6982 x2, option 2

Janice Lewis-McCall

Office: 469-209-6982 x2, option 1

Learn How We Can Help Your Practice