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Billing and Collection Services from Texas Dental Care Management

Texas Dental Care Management is ready to serve all of our affiliated dental office’s with billing and collection services so you can serve your patients with ease of mind and not worry about the billing processes. TDCM will bill insurance companies and third-party payors so that claims are submitted timely and in accordance with all federal, state, and local government regulations and requirements. We will bring in this team of trusted financial professionals. This is a team that we have vetted and already hired.

Additionally, TDCM works the aged accounts receivables continuously to assist in timely and accurate claims submissions and payment postings, as well as performing any necessary resubmissions or appeals with insurance companies and third-party payors. This will guarantee that you are getting all the money that is owed to the practice and will help keep up your practice’s revenue.

female dentist smiles into camera while sitting in her office

Making You More Profitable

TDCM’s billing and collections team will ensure proper scheduling and collection for dental services performed by you and your team. Not having a team that has been trained for this type of work can cause loss of revenue for your practice. Here are just some of the way that team can properly assist to your dental practice more profitable:

  • Schedule appointments with patients to avoid downtime in the office
  • Verify insurance eligibility and benefits before appointments
  • Confirm referrals
  • Collect the patient’s copay, coinsurance and outstanding balances at check-in
  • File accurate services performed claims
  • Investigate rejected claims and get to the bottom as to why then correct them
  • Implement collection procedure and track accounts receivable afterward

The Revenue Cycle for Billing and Collections

Every private dental practice’s goal for their continued success should be to help their patients quickly and professionally while maintaining their revenue and staying profitable. Our billing and collection team is here to assist you and your practice in doing just that so that you and your team can focus your efforts into the first portion of those goals and get repeat business and build a healthy reputation with your community.

Learn How We Can Help Your Practice