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Creating Marketing Services for Practices in Dallas – Fort Worth from TDCM

Running marketing for the average private dental practice can be a difficult task, as most are not trained in the appropriate ways to handle and manage a successful campaign. Let the marketing professionals with Texas Dental Care Management assist you in getting your name and services out to the public. We can help bring in more customers to receive your well-crafted dental care and in turn, make you more profitable.

smiling female patient sits in a dentist's chair

Marketing Strategies for Dental Practices

Here are some of the strategies our professional marketing strategists will use in order to help your practice:

  • Research your competition
  • Establish your practice’s brand in the community
  • Get your office involved with the community
  • Pinpoint your target market
  • Send your community postcards
  • Reach new movers
  • Make your message immediately clear to recipients
  • Explain the benefits in clear terms for your patients
  • Optimize your website for search results

Texas Dental Care Management Helps Make Your Practice Profitable

It is recommended that private dental practices bring in 1500 active patients to stay afloat and be profitable at the same time. And while many can bring in enough to stay afloat, it’s the second half that most have trouble with when running their private practice by themselves. And while it is admirable, it may not be profitable to try and do this alone.

TDCM has professionally trained marketing strategists to help bring in those clients to help meet the national average of $1,125,000 yearly acquired from services and new clients a year to reach profitability for you and your practice. We will work tirelessly to construct and implement a marketing strategy that works for your private practice, the community and you as an owner. We drive affiliate dental office growth by partnering with owners to develop custom marketing plans that address each offices’ specific needs and goals.

Learn How We Can Help Your Practice